Hi im missebony and i have been a domme for over 12 years, before that i started off as a worn panty seller.

I have a huge worn panty fetish and here you will find a worn panty site with a difference.

Its not all about the money for me, i do love money and i love financial domination, im not gonna lie, any girl that says she doesnt love money or shopping is lying haha.

Anyway back to that comment i made about it not all being about money, what i mean by that is my services aren’ free but i do like to work with my subs.

I am open to hear your sensible offers because i do know and understand that all subs have all different financial statuses, but if you take the piss out of me with silly offers then you will feel my wrath.

well you will be blocked and ignored but feeling my wrath sounds better right?

The other thing that is different about this site is the lack of pictures and things for sale.

Well one, im a private person, that’is why this blog is set to private, and also ill get on to my next fetish.

It turns me on big time to go out and buy new panties, knowing that i will be wearing them only to get moist specially for you.

that is my fetish.

I dont dress like a domme or act like a domme, i dont need to copy that steroptypical behaviour, im just a normal girl who is naturally dominant, but  i dont have to dress in leather with a whip or be nasty to subs to prove it.

Welcome to my site and do make sure you spoil me in someway because mistress loves that. xx

click here and buy credits to make yourself more available to dommes and hot women near you,  i will earn from you too so that should please us both

meet hot girls and make me money



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